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KUTTE combines German exquisite craftsmanship with Italian aesthetics into a kitchen lifestyle, providing people who love life with the most needed kitchen appliance

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We hope to deliver high-end and fashionable life to each family and each of you


German Exquisite Craftsmanship

KUTTE UNION combining Guangdong Canbo Appliance, Zhejiang DE&E Appliance with related research institution in close cooperation, researching, designing and produce many model of range hood with huge airflow, super suction and free removal to wash which is suitable for Chinese.

Italian Aesthetics

For KUTTE UNION, it is important not only technological innovation, but perfect design for understanding the quality of life. Each technological revolution, every innovative design, both keeps leading the appliances industry to move forward and describes the new structure of kitchen lifestyle with humanity care. 

Professional Authentication

The appliance of KUTTE UNION have passed strict authentication EPCS, approved by SAA and SGS, in Australia and New Zealand. KUTTE UNION hopes to deliver high-end & fashionable life to each family and each of you by constant techological innovation and passion.

Quality Services

KUTTE UNION provides whole service from planning, design, installation, commissioning to maintenance. Our unique full-service concept is to provide all services to meet customers' need. With the well-established sales network, we are also committed to establish and improve after-sale service network. 


KUTTE UNION, regarding the quality as source of development, reputation as the essence of development, devotes to provide more energy-saving, enviroment-friendly and high quality products, basing on Australia, facing the world and servicing the world.

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We care about each and every changes in your life and focuse on innovative technology. Your quality life starts from here..

We not only innovate technology, but also focus on the quality life with humanity care!
We only create the best kitchen appliance


Kutte Appliance not only focuses on technological innovation but perfect design for understanding the quality of life.


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We focus on innovative technology and extreme aesthetics. Different products will meet your different needs.

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We always use the most advanced technology to meet the need in the changable environment. Adapting quickly is our notion and we can always provide our clients with the best customer service.


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